Talyst returns to ASHP Midyear 2012

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The ASHP Midyear 2012 Clinical Meeting was held December 2-6 in Las Vegas, Nevada. ASHP is the largest annual gathering of pharmacist anywhere in the United States. The meeting is focused squarely on educating pharmacists and technicians on the latest clinical advances in healthcare as well as the most recent changes to pharmacy practice. But that’s not all there is. The meeting also gives pharmacy professionals the opportunity to see the most recent advances in both hardware and software technology designed to improve patient safety, pharmacy operations and clinical processes. Nowhere else besides ASHP Midyear is there such a diversity of pharmacy interests available in one location.

Talyst Crew at ASHP Midyear 2012

The 2012 ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting was the largest I can recall in recent memory. I don’t have the official numbers for the conference, but it felt big. The halls were packed with people engaged in conversation ranging from clinical practices to how best to approach regulatory compliance. Discussions to meet just about everyone’s interest could be found throughout the conference.

The exhibit hall was no exception as attendees crowded around booths from various vendors with eyes on new automation and technology. Talyst did not escape the crowds as the booth area was consistently abuzz with people interested in not only looking at new products, but discussing timely pharmacy topics as well. Large groups of people gathered around many of the products on display, ranging from Talyst’s new AutoSplit Contract Pharmacy software to Talyst’s newest product prototype, an RFID-enabled refrigerator designed to track high-dollar pharmaceuticals. It’s exciting to see so many pharmacy professionals interested in technology as a way to improve their practice environment. I think it bodes well for the future as it will lead to new ways of utilizing pharmacists and technicians.

Overall ASHP Midyear was a great place for pharmacists and pharmacy technicians to be. The environment was one of sharing and collaboration where pharmacy professionals gathered to gain new insights into clinical practice, operational efficiencies, and regulatory compliance. It’s a shame that such a gathering can only happen once a year. Until next year.

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