340B Expert Solutions

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Optimize Your Savings
Talyst understands a pharmacy’s need to optimize its 340B savings. For almost 10 years, Talyst has supported over 300 health systems with their AutoSplit 340B software. With increasing complexity and number of audits, it’s critical to have the right solution. Talyst offers a variety of 340B Expert solutions, including AutoSplit 340B, AutoSplit Fully-Managed, and AutoSplit Contract Pharmacy.

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AutoSplit Fully Managed

With Talyst’s AutoSplit® Fully Managed Solution, Talyst experts manage all facets of your 340B program.


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AutoSplit 340B Software

Talyst is the leader in 340B splitting software, with more customers than any other vendor.


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AutoSplit Contract Pharmacy

AutoSplit® Contract Pharmacy allows health systems to capture additional 340B savings from hospital scripts dispensed at retail pharmacies.


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340B Compliance Service

Talyst supports hospitals and health systems prepare for 340B Drug Pricing Program compliance audits.