Talyst Certified InSite Pharmacy Network

Technology Enabled Long-Term Care Pharmacies

The Talyst Certified InSite® Pharmacy (TCIP™) Network is a collection of independent long-term care pharmacies who distinguish themselves via operating principals, in-facility automation and other technologies to exceed value expectations.

The TCIP Network is designed to provide the latest in long-term care pharmacy automation solutions to long-term care facilities who are interested in saving time and money in the medication pass process. With the InSite System, nursing staff is freed from the restrictions and repetitive nature of traditional processes (popping pills from blister packs, manual counting, etc.) and given more time to do what the love to do – care for residents.

TCIP Network pharmacies are strategically spaced throughout the United States to provide coverage to long-term care facilities who are interested in implementing automation technology. TCIP Network members have been carefully vetted and selected based upon a rigorous screening process that ensures that these pharmacies can successfully implement and support the long-term care facilities that they service.

See the map below for more information about our TCIP partners.

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