Pharmacy Automation in Canada

HIT Healthcare

Through our partner, Healthcare Informatics & Pharmacy Management Systems (HIT Healthcare), Talyst offers in-country pharmacy automation sales and service in Canada.

The combination of Talyst’s expertise in pharmacy technology, in conjunction with HIT Healthcare’s knowledge of the local market, ensures that customers in Canada have access to the latest in automation products with the on-site support and service necessary for a successful implementation.

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InSite® 300 – Automated Oral Solid Packager

The InSite®300 is the next generation of Automated Dispensing Technology. InSite300 provides secure and reliable dispensing technology including workflow management features that will improve the efficiency of your pharmacy operations. The InSite300 integrates easily with your pharmacy operations to provide fully automated unit-dose or multi-dose oral solid medication packaging. It’s simple, safe, efficient and easy-to-use.

Talyst's InSite300 delivers improved patient safety through labels and barcoding technology, precise medication control and access that works with your current pharmacy information system, and enhanced efficiency through recognition of priority and STAT orders for immediate packaging.

The patented canister design revolutionizes canister management and allows canister configuration within minutes at the pharmacy. It dramatically reduces pharmacy fill time.

AutoLabel® - Barcode Labeling Software

AutoLabel® is a complete Barcode Labeling solution that provides color-coded barcode and standard black & white transfer labels to improve patient safety. It utilizes unique software to ensure virtually 100% of your medications have a scan-ready bar code and a human-readable label. AutoLabel barcode labeling solution uses a unique Flag Label for vials and ampoules, which allows part of the transferable label to move from the original container to the syringe.

In addition, the transferable circle labels enable barcoding for multi-dose medications like ointments, eye drops, and inhalers. Combined with InSite300®, it’s a cost-effective way to ensure that virtually 100% of the medications leaving your pharmacy are scan-ready at the bedside.


AutoSecure® - Secure Medication Management

AutoSecure® provides restricted access medication management in one or more cabinets based on your storage requirements. Various cabinet configurations are available to help optimize your pharmacy storage needs. AutoSecure’s seamless integration with AutoPharm® Enterprise provides one system that controls your entire medication inventory. The modern and simple touchscreen interface streamlines workflow to safely manage your secured medication inventory solutions storage.


AutoPharm® Enterprise Software – Complete Medication Management

AutoPharm® Enterprise, a powerful software platform, manages your inventory across the entire health system, including out-patient pharmacies and specialty clinics. Its enterprise wide inventory management system manages multiple medication inventories with one automated system to ensure inventory is on-hand and accurate across the system.