Pharmacy Automation in the Middle East

Arabian HealthCare Supply

Through our partner, Arabian HealthCare Supply, Talyst offers in-country pharmacy automation sales and service in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and GCC Countries.

The combination of Talyst’s expertise in pharmacy technology, in conjunction with Arabian HealthCare Supply’s knowledge of the local market, ensures that customers in in the Middle East have access to the latest in automation products with the on-site support and service necessary for a successful implementation.

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AutoCarousel HD

AutoCarousel® HD – Automated Medication Inventory Storage

Talyst’s award winning carousel technology, AutoCarousel® HD, provides heavy-duty secure automated storage for all your medications.

The vertical carousels are accurate, reliable and their efficient vertical design ensures maximum storage in a compact footprint. We offer a variety of carousel technology sizes to meet your pharmacy operation’s needs.

AutoSecure® – Secure Medication Management

AutoSecure® securely stores medications in one or more cabinets based on your storage requirements. Various cabinet configurations are available to help optimize your pharmacy storage requirements.

AutoLabel® – Barcode Labeling Software

AutoLabel® is a complete Barcode Labeling solution that provides color-coded barcode and standard black & white transfer labels to improve patient safety. It utilizes unique software to ensure virtually 100% of your medications have a scan-ready bar code and a human-readable label. AutoLabel barcode labeling solution uses a unique Flag Label for vials and ampoules, which allows part of the transferable label to move from the original container to the syringe.

In addition, the transferable circle labels enable barcoding for multi-dose medications like ointments, eye drops, and inhalers.


AutoCool®+H – Temperature Controlled
Medication Inventory Storage

AutoCool®+H delivers access-controlled refrigerated storage and computer driven dispensing for your valuable refrigerated medications. It enables centralized control and reporting, and is scalable to accommodate expanding needs and satellite locations.