Barcode Labeling Solution


AutoLabel® is a complete Barcode Labeling solution that provides color-coded barcode and standard black & white transfer labels to improve patient safety. It utilizes unique software to ensure virtually 100% of your medications have a scan-ready bar code and a human-readable label to ensure BCMA compliance. AutoLabel barcode labeling solution uses a unique Flag Label for vials and ampoules, which allows part of the transferable label to move from the original container to the syringe.

In addition, the transferable circle labels enable barcoding for multi-dose medications like ointments, eye drops, and inhalers. Combined with AutoPack®, it’s a cost-effective way to ensure that virtually 100% of the medications leaving your pharmacy are scan-ready at the bedside.

Key Benefits

Hover over the AutoLabel image to learn more about this bar code labeling solution and how bar code labeling can enhance a system-wide barcode medication administration program.

Ensures Medications Have A Scan-Ready Barcode
Unique Flag Label for Vials, Ampoules and Syringes
Transferable Circle Labels for Ointments, Eye Drops and Inhalers

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