Pharmacy Automated Dispensing System

AutoPack® Slide

AutoPack® Slide pharmacy automated dispensing system offers efficient and secure storage in a minimum space. With one model, it automates up to 500 oral solid medications.

Talyst’s oral solid medication packager, AutoPack®, integrates easily with a pharmacy system to provide a fully automated packaging system. Combined with AutoLabel®, it’s a cost-effective way to ensure that virtually 100% of the medications leaving your pharmacy are scan-ready at the bedside ensuring barcode medication administration compliance.

Key Benefits

Hover over the AutoPack Slide image to learn more about the oral solid medication packager and how a pharmacy automated dispensing system can enable and enhance a system-wide barcode medication administration program.

Improved Patient Safety
Precise Control and Access
Enhanced Efficiency
Automated Barcoding of Oral Solid Medication

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