Medication Automation for Corrections

Corrections Medication Management

“The InSite System has enabled our department to provide accurate tracking and delivery of more than 1.5 million pills per year.”

- Terry Fillman, Health Services Supervisor for West Valley Detention Center

Talyst’s InSite® In-Facility Dispensing System is the first medication management system designed specifically for Corrections. It enables secure, automated medication dispensing throughout a correctional facility 24/7/365, and is scalable to work across multiple facilities.

The InSite pharmacy automation system provides better inventory control and more efficient workflow to virtually eliminate expensive medication waste. Through effective corrections medication management, The InSite System gives nurses more time to perform other important tasks, and improves overall patient and staff safety.

With multiple medication automation technology for corrections implementations across the United States, Talyst understands the unique needs of correctional pharmacy operations and provides expertise and best practices to meet the needs of the corrections market.

The InSite System

The InSite System In-Facility Dispensing features powerful software and durable hardware components, designed to improve the control and efficiency of your medication storage and dispensing process. Our automated system will increase accuracy, reduce the time needed to prepare for daily medication passes, and improve patient safety.

Key Benefits

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Improve Patient Safety
Precise Control and Access
InSite System - Stop Watch IconEnhanced Efficiency
Automated Barcoding of Oral Solid Medication