Long-Term Care Enterprise Medication and Operations Management

The InSite® System Difference

InSite System delivers data-driven solutions for effective management of Long-Term Care facility operations including medication management, business intelligence, organizational training and pharmacy collaboration.

InSite’s usefulness extends from the C-Suite to the nursing floor, enabling analytic decision-making at the executive level, while also extending down into the day-to-day of facility operations.

Talyst - InSite Medication Management Logo
Medication Management enables in-facility, on-demand, single-use packaging and delivery of medications and is designed to enhance patient safety, improve staff utilization, and increase financial results.

Talyst - InSite Advanced Anlalytics
Advanced Analytics allows executives and facility management access to information to drive informed decision-making through trackable and reportable metrics across individuals, shifts, and facilities. Patterns tell you the story of your operations and help to identify trends and predict future activity.

Talyst -InSite Learning Management
Learning Management is designed to increase staff competencies and ensure that InSite System technological improvements are seamlessly integrated into facility operations.