Long-Term Care Pharmacy Solutions

The InSite System

“No More bingo cards, totes, waiting on medications or running to the backup pharmacy for inventory. You've just made the nurses happy and it's irrelevant how many times medications get changed. As a bonus, the use of this technology reduces med pass time from two hours to 35 minutes.”

- Long Term Care Pharmacist and CEO

Technology Enabled Long-Term Care Pharmacy Solutions

Talyst offers technology pharmacy solutions for long-term care pharmacies who are interested in distinguishing themselves by utilizing in-facility pharmacy automation technology, to improve the relationship between the pharmacy and long-term care facility to improve efficiencies and facilitate increased satisfaction of both staff and residents.

Utilizing the InSite System, LTC pharmacies are enabled to provide the latest in long-term care pharmacy automation solutions to long-term care facilities who are interested in saving time and money in the medication pass process. With the InSite System, nursing staff is freed from the restrictions and repetitive nature of traditional processes (popping pills from blister packs, manual counting, etc.) and given more time to do what the love to do – care for residents.

If you are an independent long-term care pharmacy who is interested in providing increased service to your customers through in-facility packaging and dispensing technology, the InSite System is the perfect solution to your needs.

The InSite System

The InSite System In-Facility Dispensing features powerful software and durable hardware components, designed to improve the control and efficiency of your medication storage and dispensing process. Our automated system will increase accuracy, reduce the time needed to prepare for daily medication passes, and improve patient safety.

Key Benefits

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Improve Patient Safety
Precise Control and Access
InSite System - Stop Watch IconEnhanced Efficiency
Automated Barcoding of Oral Solid Medication

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